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 An interactive, spontaneously occuring, experimental Jewish learning and prayer community in LA

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Dedicated to exploring the self, community, divinity and collective behavior through music and text, Pop Up Shul centers around a key word and core liturgy for each gathering. With different guests and musicians, the experience is fun, casual, and meaningful.

When and Where?

Join our email list or Facebook and check back here for updates on location and events. Borne on LA's East Side, so far we've Popped up at the Silverlake Independent JCC, Pico Union Project, and private homes and expanded across the city. 

Who Is this For?

The service is geared toward a diverse audience: anyone who is interested in learning more about Judaism, in connecting to others within a Jewish context, and in experiencing a joyous and intellectually rewarding spiritual event. Interfaith, atheist, intergenerational, family friendly, young couples, and singles all invited. Childcare will be provided with sign-up, services geared toward ages 12 and up (parents’ discretion by kid – will not shy away from adult topics).

*NOTE: There will be the use of instruments, electricity and writing during these services. 


Produced, led and curated by Deanna Neil along with musicians, teachers, organizations, as well as community members. Check back at the dates for specifics as people join! 


Past Topics

Community Sponsors and Collaborators: