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Meaningful Experiences and Rituals to Mark Time


Surprised to be here? Me too. Primarily a writer and performer, over many years I found myself turning to the structure of Judaism - the language of my youth - to find community, sing, and open important discussions about what it means to be human. In making sense for myself, I found I was able to help others who were seeking a connection understand how Judaism could enrich their lives.


Baby namings to graveside services, curriculum for 5th graders to workshops for Rabbis, Bar-Mitzvahs from Joshua Tree to Costa Rica, Blowin' in the Wind to Kol Nidre. As a multifaceted creative person steeped in a strong Jewish background, I bring a unique fusion of intellectual, artistic, and musical elements to projects and ceremonies, along with experience in interfaith dialogue and facilitation for all ages. I strive to make meaning, community and connection accessible to all kinds of people, families, organizations and communities using highly personalized, creative and educational approaches to tradition.

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